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The Urban Buddhist Monk

Teaching Ancient Wisdom, Mindfulness & Loving-Kindness Meditation for

Lasting Happiness & Peace in Your Busy and Stressful Life. 

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Read about the contributions of Bhante Saranapala along with the events that he recently attended or will be attended in the near future. 

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United Nations Speech

Read the speech that the Urban Buddhist Monk presented at the  UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Spirituality conference about his goal and mission on making Canada A Minful and Kind Nation. 

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Whether you want to meditate, calm yourself, or learn something new about yourself, you can always visit the UBM's YouTube channel or even contact him

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From weekly mindfulness meditation and individual counselling to public speaking

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Meet the Urban Buddhist Monk

About UBM

An International Monk, Teacher, and Speaker, the Urban Buddhist Monk councils and teaches everyone seeking assistance and kindness. This Modern Monk teaches loving-kindness meditation to calm and relax your stressed and busy lives. Join the Urban Buddhist Monk for a FREE meditation session that will be a PRICELESS memory. 

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Bhante Saranapala


“Bhante, you are providing very valuable information, some of the officers have pretty stressful lives and this will help them manage it better.  I know it will help me.  You probably know this but police officers will rarely ask for help until their problems get very bad.  They are such good men & women, I’m glad we could give them something so useful.  I also enjoyed our conversation and I admire your faith & commitment.”

Micheal Simo (Chief of police at morton grove police department Illinois)

Visit Me at the West End Buddhist Temple

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