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A DRUG-free prescription for mental health

As we enter the beginning of a new decade, we are now on the cusp of change. When we consider the last decade which brought with it the election tampering, increasing global and regional climate crises and the return of extreme political division within communities, it can be quite easy to become depressed or anxious. In many western countries, there has been a significant spike in the use of antidepressants, with doctors in England giving out over 70 million prescriptions in 2018 alone...

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Mindful Meditation for the Police:

Mindfulness meditation for Police, RCMP, Soldiers Huffington Post Canada, Huffington Post USA and CNN's GPS program by Fareed Zakaria)

Toronto Police are Incorporating Mindfulness into Their Duties

Meanwhile In Canada, Peel Regional Officers Meditate In a Temple

Police Officers Get Their Serenity On, Meditate Before Hitting Streets

Being Ambassadors for Mindfulness Meditation in Policing: Kindful Canada Symposium

Advice From a Buddhist Monk on How to Start a Successful Meditation Practice

Watch the documentary movie "The Mind: Explained" by VOX. Bhante Saranapala, the Urban Buddhist Monk is talking about the significance of mind, mindfulness, meditation and kindfulness practices

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